Review: The American Bystander issue 13

Anyone sick of literary fiction? It's powerful stuff when done well, but sometimes I wish the world would lighten up a little. (Literary fiction can be funny too, but it seldom is.) So, this week is dedicated to something funny. Finally. Just as with any other form of art, humor is highly subjective. A humor … Continue reading Review: The American Bystander issue 13

Review: Tahoma Literary Review issue 17

After last week's ranting interlude, we now return you to the regularly scheduled review. Because, you see, the fact that Tahoma Literary Review advertises to the wrong people doesn't mean they don't publish enjoyable fiction. Issue 17 of Tahoma Literary Review costs $3.99, and it feels like maybe at that price they could pay their … Continue reading Review: Tahoma Literary Review issue 17

Review: The Binge-Watching Cure

Bill Adler and Sarah Doebereiner's The Binge-Watching Cure is a clever premise well executed. The idea is that readers sometimes get seduced away from reading by the volume of choices available on television, Netflix, Prime, whatever, which they will watch for hours on end. This kind of mass consuming instant gratification makes getting back into … Continue reading Review: The Binge-Watching Cure